Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The stupidity of the masses surpasseth all understanding.

The stupidity of the masses surpasseth all understanding. What is it that the whole world outside the USA sees that half the people in the USA can't? The Bush gang are the only real active terrorists in the USA. They sure as hell aren't economists.

Is it neurotic fear of another attack, although there has not been a single incident since 9/11/01?

Is it the conservative religious fanatics that hope Bush gives them a Holy War against Islam and all the "liberals"? Every innocent Arab child or woman killed spawns 50 family members and friends to seek revenge against the USA for seven generations.

Will WWIII be an Armageddon between Christian fanatics and Islam as fervently desired by Al Qaida?

Will OBL achieve his dream with Bush's help? Will the trigger that unites the Arabs be the plan to invade Iran next?

Bush seems to believe he is the second Messiah with the only valid direct line to God.

Is it only people with employer paid health insurance who don't give a rat's fanny for the millions who can't afford it? Do they fear the tax cost of health - more than war costs?

I am completely mystified by the mentality and immorality of the right wingers. There is a far bigger culture gap than I believed between them and me. But I am only a laid-back Canadian liberal Liberal, and damned proud of it.

I actually believe that government's job is to serve the people, all the people, not the other way around and certainly not just those with money, power and influence. I believe we must strive to build a community of nations that acts to tame rogue states, no matter how big or small. I believe the greatest contributions to mankind have come primarily from people of humble roots and not those who, by accident of birth, have been handed more power than creative intelligence. For those who have great privilege, Nobless Oblige requires great responsibiliy and sacrifice.

Let me be ablsolutely clear, though, I distrust any political leadership. Power corrupts and vigilance must be fixed on our own leaders - not some shill in a foreign land. Politicians are highly skilled as pickpockets - divert the mark's attention elsewhere while making the score. It is a political tradition developed and honed for thousands of years.

I am very disapointed in the U.S. Presdential Election results. They certainly do not bode well for humanity - peace, prosperity, health, the environment, medical research, legal and social justice have been dealt a severe blow. God have mercy on the planet.